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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Mississippi residents and business owners who find themselves in search of the proper coverage will often rely on Mississippi Insurance Brokers, Inc for assistance. But what happens when these Mississippi clients have questions that they are struggling to answer?

These are the most common questions that are asked when it comes to purchasing an umbrella insurance policy. Read on and take a closer look, so that you can properly prepare for the selection process.

1. What Do These Policies Cover?

If a commercial insurance policy has already been purchased, the policyholder may not have enough coverage for the problems that are sure to come their way. With an umbrella insurance policy, you are given the additional liability coverage that you sorely need. Business auto policies and additional underlying policies may also require umbrella insurance.

2. Will I Need an Umbrella Policy?

Do you have assets that you wish to protect? Would you lose your home or business if you were forced to pay for a sizable lawsuit out of pocket? If the answer to either is yes, that means that you are a prime candidate for an umbrella insurance policy. These policies offer excellent coverage and are easily obtained by all clients.

3. Do I Actually Qualify For This Policy?

The umbrella carrier's minimum limits must be considered but, in most cases, the client is able to qualify for the policy. Does the business auto policy and the commercial policy meet the limits? If so, an umbrella insurance policy is well within your grasp.

4. How Do These Policies Work?

Let's say that the basic liability limits of the client have already been exhausted. The umbrella policy kicks in and keeps you from having to shoulder major out-of-pocket expenses. Even in cases where the client is found not to be responsible for the damages that have occurred, umbrella insurance policies remain crucial.

If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of a potential umbrella insurance policy, be sure to contact Mississippi Insurance Brokers, Inc as soon as possible.

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