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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

For growing businesses, before they open their doors and begin selling products or services, they need to get the right commercial insurance policies in place. Commercial insurance protects a company when disaster strikes and allows it to recover more quickly. Commercial insurance policies aren’t just one standard policy. They are several policies tied together that cover specific areas of the business. In Mississippi, our agents at Mississippi Insurance Brokers, Inc can meet with you to access your business’ coverage needs. This lets them not only recommend the right type but also the right amount of coverage that is needed.

Begin with property insurance to protect any physical structures owned by the business. This policy will also cover the buildings contents such as inventory, equipment including computers, and materials. Your agent may recommend special coverage if staff frequently attend off-site events such as fairs or trade shows. Next, include liability insurance. This protects the company if someone is injured at a business location. It also covers customers injured by the company’s products or services. Depending on the type of business, professional liability coverage is also available. Usually, this is used by doctors, dentists, and other professionals. Worker's compensation covers any employee injured on the job. Many business owners opt for business continuity insurance. This covers any period where a business is unable to operate following a disaster. It can mean the difference between struggling and resuming normal operation quickly. If the business has a fleet, it will need to be covered with a commercial auto policy. Lastly, umbrella policies provide additional peace of mind. They go into effect when all other policy options have reached their cap.

When it comes to commercial insurance, there are many options available to businesses. This allows each plan to be tailored to a specific business. In Mississippi, our agents at Mississippi Insurance Brokers, Inc can help explain these options and advise on what is best for business. Each business is unique. Protect it with the insurance it needs to grow.

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